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Welcome to Oceanview Speedway
Second Remits

Thursday 28th May 6.30 at Clubrooms

We will hold our second remits meeting.  If you want to have your say about the any of the remits which SNZ will be going over, NOW is the time to

come along to this meeting and let us know your thoughts


Casino evening

REMINDER May 30th, to get your ticket head contact Goon. Mick at Totalspan has organised buses, so if you need a return or one way trip contact Mick or go and see him. It will be a great night. $20 gets you a drink at the door, casino chips to bet with, Many amazing raffles up for grabs as well as alot of fun by all


2014/15 Prize Giving
Lock it now....... Friday 5th June 6pm at thge Wanganui Racecourse Prize Giving and Cabaret
Doors open 6pm, Generous hot meal,
Member - adult $25, Youth $15, non members $30
More details to follow once tickets have been printed 
final meeting results

Thank you to all who raced with us this season.  Please see the final race meetings results.

11th April 2015
Heat 1  39p Justin Roberts, 45r Brett Henderson, 63p Wayne Coley, 97s Tom Meyer, 77v Brody Fairweather, 98s Anton Scherrer 63p 0:20.55
Heat 2  39p, 64p, 97s, 25p Ben Binsted, 23p Paige Metcalfe, 63p 64p 0:19.13
Heat 3 39p, 64p, 97s, 98s, 92v Aimee Barnes, 139p James Hickford 39p 0:19.60
Feature  39p, 64p, 39s Nathan Nolly, 23p, 92v, 25p 39p 0:18.96

Heat 1  6v Dion Mooney, 15v Mark Johnston, 127g Ethan Rees, 94p William Humphries, 18p Luke Healey, 92p Dennis Black 94p 0:18.45
Heat 2  127g, 15p Rob Myers, 6v, 15v, 94p, 34p Rob Mason 6v 0:16.84 R
Heat 3 34p, 8v, 898v Sandy Flett, 81v Trevor Greig, 6v, 19p Jason Wright 34p 0:17.27

1st 6v Dion Mooney, 2nd 127g Ethan Rees, 3rd 15v Mark Johnston


Heat 1 - Noel Kensington Memorial, heat 2 – George Podjursky Memorial, heat 3 – Craig Heibner Memorial
Heat 1 126g Asher Rees, 1nz Pete Rees, 94p William Humphries, 112p Shaun Pearson, 34p Bex Barr, 581p Jordan Dare 1nz 0:16.47
Heat 2  1nz, 3nz Graeme Barr, 591p Wayne Hemi, 94p, 581p, 112p 591p 0:16.47
Heat 3 3nz, 112p, 581p, 1nz, 53v Carl Burns, 39s Michael Willemson 126g 0:16.55

West Coast 1st 1nz Pete Rees, 2nd 3nz Graeme Barr, 3rd 112p Shaun Pearson


15v, 581p, 34p, 15v Antony Cooper, 92v, 24v

Heat 1  31w Josh Patterson, 17k Troy Mace, 15v Callum Sturzaker, 92v Dylan Smith, 48w Jordan Lum, 21w Robert Dustin 9r 0:19.07
Heat 2  5v Trazarn Ryland-Annabell, 9r Sheldon Arapere, 45r Dion Henderson, 31w, 37w Annika Austin, 17k 48w 0:19.54
Heat 3 31w, 21w, 25k Robert Belk, 26p Liam Metcalfe, 9r, 48w 31w 0:19.55

1st 31w Josh Patterson, 2nd 9r Sheldon Arapere, 3rd 21w Robert Austin

PRODUCTION SALOON – Ray Purdy Memorial  
Heat 1  97v Nathan Smith, 17v Steven Davie, 53v John Caird, 18w Darren McKay, 13v John Huijs, 9v Wayne Pointon 97v 0:20.49
Heat 2  53v, 17v, 9v, 97v, 18w, 71v Jason Pointon 83v 0:18.18
Feature  53v, 17v, 97v, 11v Daryn Smith, 51v, 13v 53v 0:19.25



Anyone wanting to have a read over the Remits released by Speedway New Zealand, please have a look on MacGors or the SNZ pages



Warriors mechandise
Sat 11th April

Result time....
Heiby Memorial Youth Ministocks
1st 31w Josh Joshua Patterson
2nd 9r Sheldon Arapere
3rd 21w Robert Austin 
Ray Purdy Memorial Production Saloons
1st 53v John Caird
2nd 17v Steve Davie 
3rd 97v Nathan Smith 
Rivercity Cabs West Coast Stockcars
1st 6v Dion Mooney
2nd 127g Ethan Rees 
3rd 15v Mark Johnston 
Noel Kensington Memorial
1st 126g Asher Rees
2nd 1nz Pete Rees 
3rd 94p William Humphries 
George Podjursky Memorial
1st 1nz Pete Rees 
2nd 3nz Graeme Barr 
3rd 591p Wayne Hemi 
Craig Heibner Memorial
1st 3nz Graeme Barr 
2nd 112p Shaun Pearson 
3rd 581p Jordan Dare
West Coast Superstock Champs
1st 1nz Pete Rees 
2nd 3nz Graeme Barr 
3rd 112p Shaun Pearson


If you are still holding onto a trophy from last season's prize giving, it is time you handed them back to the Club so we can get them sorted for this years.  

Thank you 


The entries have now closed for the Heiby Youth Ministocks on 11th April

thank you to all who have got in touch 

final meeting

April 11th 6pm racing starts......... Oceanview Speedway and Super Cheap Autos are holding the last Race meeting of our race calender. We have the PTL Portables West Coast Super Stocks, River City Cabs West Coast Stockcars, Heiby Youth Ministock Memorial, Ray Purdy Production Saloon Memorial, George Podjursky, Noel Kensington, Craig Heibner Memorials
This is going to be one awesome final meeting for the season.  Adult ministocks WILL be racing, please let Cindy know if you are racing thanks

Its REMITS time...we are holding our Remits meeting at the clubrooms on 31st March at 6.30pm
There will be a petition for you sign against the compulsory HANZ device. Remember you have a voice at this. If you dont attend or have a remit to put forward shows SNZ you are happy with current SNZ rules for your class. If unable to attend but would like to put something forward please put in writing and email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or your Renee Matthews or bring along on Sunday 29th March. thanks
Club Day

March 29th is our Club Day, this includes the Ladies races, Sponser, Mechanics etc races.  This is a way to thank the people who have been there to help you throughout the season

Racing STARTS at 1pm, you will be required to be at the track from 10 or 11am to sign in, scrutineer etc

This is for local cars only and non licensed competitors.

Those that will be racing will need to buy a day license and have the correct gear (Overalls, helmet etc)

If you require any other info please contact Alan


Thank you to all 

AGM date set

The date has been set for this years AGM.  This will be held on the 21st June 2015 at 11am  at the W.S.S.C Clubrooms, Languard Road


fundraising for Kyle
Production Saloon
Congratualations to Ben and John Huijs who raced in Wellington at the Production Saloons Big Bash on the Weekend.  1st Darren McKay (Wellingtion)
good luck

best of luck to Aaron Rose and Amelia Stanley who are racing at the NZ Sidecar Champs this weekend.

Vulcans racing at the Teams Invitation in Palmy tomorrow night

Wanganui Vulcans
Dion Mooney
Sandy Flett
Dan Matthews
Sam Doyle
Shane Kells
Ian Barron


Also on behalf of all of Wanganui Stockcar & Speedway Club, I would like to wish Goon and his aewsome bride to be, all the best for your guys wedding tomorrow 


West Coast Adult Ministocks

i have finally found time to do get around to congratulate the West Coast Adult Ministock winners. Thank you for all the out of town support especially those that participated at Baypark then to drive straight to Oceanview (even though some were later than what Goon liked) After splitting the field into two groups and having two heats per group to get our top 26, we had a run off between 3 cars....1 local 255v and 23p and 98s. 98s Anton Scherrer took the win and the final 26th spot going into the final race. 
As per usual in the non-contact class of ministocks there was the odd push and shove and bumper push (69s & 39p).
Checkered flag was given to 82s Hamish Booker, 2nd 37s Shane Denham and 3rd 88s Conrad Hall - well done guys and thanks to all the Adult Ministock drivers, for coming along and to Sam Doyle for helping rep them



Congrats to all our Youth Ministocks that raced at the M.I.P a few weeks back.   15v Callum (Traction) Sturzaker taking 2nd in the juniors out of about 33 odd competitors.    (photo courtesy of PS3 Photography)

 First night ICallum got a 1st from grid 9, next race he had grid 9 again and won another. Then had the last race starting from 24th and knew he had a bit of work to do ended up getting 10th.

Second night Callum had a 5th from 16th then a dnf from 24th, smashed the end of the bumper around.  Last race he needed to get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd to get on the podium which Callum ended up getting 2nd from 2.

Callum would like to say big thanks to everyone for getting his car out for last race! Thanks mike, mum and Mooney (Kaelin) and sponsors.

2nz Jnr M.I.P!!

Also we cannon forget the other local Youth "v" for representing us all...5v Trazarn Ryland-Annabell, 16v  Joel James, 52v  Josh Potaka, 777v Shay Bennett-Hintz.  Great support guys


change of race meetings

Due to neighbour tracks running bigger race meetings on the same day we pencilled into run the last of our West Coast Youth Ministocks, we have made a decision to move the final heat to April 11th 6pm.   

Please keep watch on the Race Calender on the website

thank you to all 

Show your support

Huge ups to McKenzie Motorsport from Nelson; check this out:

"As most of you are aware, Kyle Heibner is in icu at Wellington Hospital due to a racing incident at Wanganui speedway on February the 14th.Here is your chance to support a true “warrior”.

Together with our friends from other racing teams around the country we have put together two raffles in which all money raised from the tickets sold will be donated to Kyle’s family.

Each raffle will have 500 tickets (numbered 1-500) at $5 each, both raffles to be drawn on Saturday the 28th at the end of the South Island Superstock title.

To purchase a raffle ticket please either private mail this page, myself (Dale McKenzie) or Shaloe Lammas with which raffle you want to enter and what ticket numbers you would like and we will reply with confirmation and account details.

#1 Raffle contains (Adults): 1x 2nzp Hoodie (size to be advised), 1x Wanagnui Warriors Hoodie (size to be advised), 1x Xl Signed Nelson Tigers T-Shirt, 1x Xl Mark Osbourne T-Shirt, 1x Signed Peter Rees T-Shirt (size of your choice) 1x Peter Rees Beanie, 1x Joblin Motorsport Singlet (size of your choice), 1x 2015 McKenzie Motorsport T-Shirt (Size of your choice), 1x A4 Canvas Of Kyle and Assorted stickers.

#2 Raffle contains (Kids): 1x 112p T-Shirt (size to be advised), 1x Peter Rees Flag, 1x Mark Osbourne T-Shirt (size 4), 1x 2015 McKenzie Motorsport Hoodie (size of your choice), 1x Signed Nelson Tigers Flag, 2x Poster Prints Of Kyle, 1x Glow Stick Party Box and Assorted stickers.

(Note, some items may change or be added before raffle end)

Huge thanks to everyone that has donated to make this happen.

You can do this Kyle, we are all behind you mate!

Account details are:
D J McKenzie

The Warriors really want to thank McKenzie Motorsport for getting this off the ground; your generous support is truly appreciated. There are plans percolating locally, but no announcements will be made in the meantime. Kyle's recovery is the sole focus right at the moment.

Speedway sometimes gets a bad rap, but the speedway fraternity has been magnificent this week. Thank you everyone.



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